martes, 11 de enero de 2011

Nogales, part two

As I walked in the abandoned streets, to rest in an abandoned bit of debris for a bit. I ate sparingly, and drank my fill of water; my dogs were pretty much wolfing down the last can of spam as I donned the modified armor once I finished eating. The eight of the thing was, at first, considerable, but I've begun to get used to it, and it proved to be very good for protection. After that, and hearing some noises of machines, I decided to run for it. I had to, to avoid any more fighting. I didn't have much ammo, and little in the way of supplies, so I wanted to avoid combat as much as I could, however, as I got closer and closer into the border, I could see the traces of a firefight that, quite nearly, took several blocks.

There were tanks with both Mexican and American flags crashed here and there, several military vehicles all burnt, stripped from any useful materials and abandoned. Corpses stinking the air, and a smell of rotten meat and gun powder. I wanted to stop and see, but I knew I'd die if I did.

That's when the bullets started to fly past me.

I ran faster, the armor clanking all the way, and my dogs running alongside me. A stray bullet hit the side of my torso, but the thickness of the armor, plus the ceramic plate underneath it gave me only a scare and a loud noise, but I didn't stop running. That's when I heard the engines running, and some guys just howling like animals.

I tripped and fell on my face, and when I looked up, my dogs were gone. A few more gunshots hit me square in the back, and again, the armor took the hit. I rolled to look up and I could see a jeep rushing towards me, filled with raiders with a couple of guns and several spiked baseball bats. I took my Beretta and opened fire on the tires. The tire pretty much blew up and the jeep swivelled, crashing in a nearby lamppost. I got up and ran again.

But I did not see the guy with the baseball bat that hit me square in the jaw. I dropped again, knocked down and with a dull pain. I was hit again, this time on the right knee, and I could hear the bones crack. I screamed, and the guy put his boot on my neck, strangling me. That's when my dogs began to attack him.

Now, the beagle's just a little runt, he doesn't do much, the other dog, however, she's a mix between a beagle and a fox hound, so she's slightly taller, and more aggressive. She was the one that bit the guy in the leg, while the little guy just howled at him. That gave me the time to pick my knife and get him. After a minute or so of fighting, the guy bled to death, and it just hit me that the guys in the jeep had possibly died as well in the crash. Didn't matter at this point, my jaw hurt, especially in a part that I feared was a molar, my right knee was pretty much useless at this rate, and I was, for all intents and purposes, alone.

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  1. Yay, Fallout3 fan-fiction!

    I'm so pathetic; I live 40 miles from the Nogales border, yet I can't speak a lick of Spanish. My grandchildren can, though, so I'll have to keep one of them alive, for translating. hehehe.

    Great good luck to you, Cygnus Darius.