miércoles, 22 de septiembre de 2010


It had been hours since we arrived at the shelter. Karen helped me clean my wounds, and I rested for a while. We waited about three days -going out only to find food and water- until we finally moved out of the shelter.

There was no people left near the city center, as we approached. Everything that was prized for looted mas mostly gone, or expired. We found only scraps of medicine and water, not to mention food. We fed on rats and pigeons, but thankfully the sour oranges were still intact. Lisa had a keen eye for searching places, while me and Karen moved the stuff. I found some books and canned goods, while Karen had water and medicine with her.

She asked me where we were going. I smiled and pointed at the Cerro de la Campana, the massive stone hill that was the landmark of the city.

Right besides it lies an old prison, then turned into a museum. The place was solid, with exterior walls of massive stone and several small battlements and only a small part built on brick. The place, despite to keep people in, was strong enough to be used as a massive shelter. I knew well the layout of the place, but what worried me was if it was inhabited. That question would the answered shortly.

Getting near there, I noticed that the flimsy wooden door of the main entrance was still intact. As we got there through the main stairs, we couldn't open the door. It was barred from the inside.

There was, however, a service door that was useful, right besides the main entrance. This was a tall iron fenced gate, as tall as the stone walls (perhaps about 16-20 feet). It took a while, but me and Karen climbed through that fence and opened that door to Lisa. We locked it back and got inside, carefully.

The silence was thick in the prison, with only the sound of pigeons and that of the wind, moving the trees surrounding the building. We opened the service door that led to the lobby and we saw that the previous occupants were long dead, their bodies rotting on the floor. One of them had a gun in their hand, a revolver, and a single shot in the head. We assumed it was suicide, but we kept looking.

The prison was largely intact, except maybe for a few looted food and beverage vending machines in the offices upstairs, but everything else was there, including a very old Spaniard chest plate, along with some gauntlets and vambraces and a helm. I admit on trying on the armor, it took a while, let alone the laugh of both Lisa and Karen when I fell on the weight, but otherwise it fit like a charm.

The place was perfect: Intact, well-defended position, and best of all, wide. We slept in the offices, which have a good view from anyone trying to get it. While Lisa slept, we saw the blackened night view: All the buildings crumbled to ruins, and the odd smoke and fire in the far parts. There was still life in the city, but it was quiet now. The dogs kept a good eye on Lisa, one of them slept beside her (being the social creatures that they are, my dogs love to sleep alongside their 'pack mates'), while the other was sitting and keeping her ears up, as if listening to see if someone was coming.

We walked for a while in the courtyard of the museum, talking about what to do next. We agreed to first get some supplies, and possibly an electric generator. The problem was, of course, fuel. However, there were plenty of wrecked cars, so we might be able to draw a few of them if we get them quick. Also, we needed ammo, or at least stuff to make it, mostly because we were running low on it. It was during this that, while walking in the silent halls, she kissed me.

It has been months since I had sex. It was pleasant, and there she lied on top of me, her warm body over mine. Her slow breathing put me to sleep like a baby.

We woke up early, and prepared to look for supplies.

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