sábado, 4 de septiembre de 2010

La Joya

Just as I got in the last house and set up my rifle, the gunshots started.

Obviously, the dogs alerted my presence, and it was hard to look for cover, but there was a chimney that worked quite nicely for that. I tried to see where the shooter were at, but I couldn't see anything, other than that the shots came form La Joya, I nearly got shot in the head trying to peer again, so I knew this place was no longer safe.

I ran for it, and more shots came. One hit my arm as I jumped to another rooftop, so I wasn't able to hold on. I fell, and I grabbed in pretty much anything to avoid killing myself in the fall. I hurt like hell, but I was still alive, and very pissed off.
Finally, I was able to see who was shooting at me. It was a trio of snipers in the hilltop, just above where the gated entrance of the residencial. I pointed my rifle and hoped the bullet flew true.

I was able to shoot down one of them, hitting him in the head. The others, puzzled, tried to look for me, but the fact that I fell behind some bushes and tthat I was prone helped a lot. After a few failed shots, I managed to hit the other in the shoulder. The third ran away. I stood up, my arm hurting like hell, as well as my legs, but the good thing about adrenaline is that it keeps you going. I walked slowly, and did not got in straight through the entrance; instead, I walked through the underbrush that grew alongside it. I could hear cars coming out of the place, and there they were: Three pick up truck, all with men and women armed to the teeth. I was scared, but I wasn't gonna let that fly. I hid and remained silent.

As they passed by, they let a few guards in the gate. Hopefully I would be able to take them down, I thought. I took out my knife, and the gun, leaving my rifle in my back. I moved slowly, and closer. They were talking about how the rogue soldiers were getting closer. I moved slowly, and closer. Their guns were in decrepit conditions. I moved slowly, and shot one in the neck.

The other, slow to react, drew his uzi at me, but I rushed in and slammed him, knocking him to the ground, this is where I pinned him with the knee and stabbed him. The third tried to shoot me, but missed by a few inches. I shot him back, and when he was gurgling blood from his moth, I sliced his neck.

I looked at the residencial, all the houses now boarded up and reinforced. And started to walk on.

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