miércoles, 25 de agosto de 2010


No words of wisdom, no ostentatious tombstone, no parade of black cars; just me, my dogs, and the unmarked grave of my parents, that was the way I buried them.

I thought of the moments we had, the lessons my dad and mom taught me, what I truly learned from them, and remembered the love they had for me, and I for them. I left that grave, and took a last look at my house.

There was nothing left, whatever was not bolted on the floor was gone, and even then. All, except a few pieces of personal documents (birth certificate, passport and laser visa), as well as some books, too heavy for me to move. So I only took a few, and was on my way. We lived right in front of a supermarket, but raiding that was asking for trouble, who knows how many looters were holed up in there, or worse. Still, I was short on supplies, and I needed some extra things, so I ventured there.

I readied my beretta, and my dogs were very alert. Whoever said beagles were useless in a survival scenario, they were wrong, beagles are very good trackers. With their nose, I was able to find some food, as well as water and batteries along the way. A bottle of good wine that was miraculously intact, and a can of powered milk. It was a good day. I took a copy of Don Quijote, as well as cooking book for outdoors, as well a set of small pans. The whole bulk of resources was slightly heavy, but nothing that I couldn't do without at this rate.

The question was: Where to, next? The city was gonna be a battleground, and I honeslty had no wish to stay because of it. I had to move north, the weather's cooler, there's rivers, game, a new chance to live.

On the other hand, I knew everyone would probably move north as well, so I'd perhaps find more of the same, but it was still worth a shot.

Need some sleep. Will continue on later.

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