lunes, 30 de agosto de 2010


So, where have I been? Perhaps the best place to have landed in a post-apocalyptic city: A history museum based on a prison. I'll give you later a bit of the basics of this place, which so far is my favorite shelter.

La Joya is a rich neighborhood built on a hilltop, and even surrounded by even bigger hills from the north, it has only one entrance and, last I knew, it was well-guarded, so it makes it a natural choice to fortify and use as a hideout. Even a better choice if you have a good number of thugs under your command.

There's two ways to go anywhere near la Joya: One is going over the main street, but on plain view of anyone looking from above. The other is via another neighborhood on the other side of the road, right infront of la Jolla, problem is, I've been seeing people patrolling that area. Fortunatelly, there's plenty of wrecked cars, debris, houses and trees to use them as cover. Before getting any closer, I left my dogs in my home's shelter. I figured they'd be safer there than anywhere else. My dogs whimpered as I climbed out, and one let out a lamenting howl; it brought a few tears in my eyes, because I well knew this would kill me. I moved silently, trying to avoid looters and rogue soldiers. I heard the odd gunfight here and there, and kept myself quiet.

After a few hours, I finally found myself in the street. The name is Pitic, and is another rich district (most of the affluential people lived near the hotel section, this being the presentation of the nicest parts of the city, if you came form the northern highway that led to the border), I moved slowly, hoping no one would notice me. That is when I heard the barking of dogs, big ones.

I looked back and I saw a pack of two rottweilers, a german shepperd and a boxer, all running towards me, barking menacely.

I wasn't gonna waste my bullets on them, so I ran, there was several tall trees, and I figure I could climb one and leap from there to an nearby house. I climbed a very tall, but dead tree. The dogs were barking mad, the german sheppered near tore my leg, but only managed to rip my jeans slightly. I climbed quickly, and I found myself on the roof of a house, with a very nice view of La Joya. The bad thing is, the noise will most likely attract people, so I had to move quickly. I jumped from rooftop to rooftop, until I ran out of houses.

I set up the Xiuhcoatl, and looked around the area, just to make sure.

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