miércoles, 20 de octubre de 2010


I ran like hell. And for the first time in weeks, I didn't notice the gunfire, nor the running of the car engines. Note to self, always keep a cool head.

I reached the museum quickly and opened the door. I closed it and shut it off with the barricade. Karen and Lisa came darting down the stairs and saw me in the hallway, asking me what was going on. Then the gunfire started.
I'm guessing they thought the door was gonna give in easily with the first ten shots, and then proceeded to stop. I yelled them to run and then a thunderous roar made way to a powerful blast that ripped open the door of the museum. We closed the door that lead to the second floor, and sealed shut the main hallway. We could hear them coming in, and they tried to take some shots at us. They hurt Karen in the shoulder, but me and Lisa managed to stay okay. We ran upstairs, and they kept shooting as from the closed doors. This time they got Lisa in the back. I roared in anger and shot back, emptying the clip at them.

And failed miserably at hitting any of them.

Karen pleaded me to get up therer, I snapped back and complied. We got everything ready: Guns, ammo, explosives, the works. I still think this place is my favorite refuge, but it was compromised. I'll miss having electricity.

The men came, guns blazing. We were overrun, and outgunned. Some of them, looking at Karen, whistled and laughed, making dirty remarks she responded. One of them came and told us to surrender our guns.

Karen shot him in the nuts. And the guys shot back.

I blacked out, and woke up weak, tied, and pissed.

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