domingo, 10 de octubre de 2010


The seed bank used to be a modest building: A very large building that looked more like warehouse, painted dark green, and infront of it, written in large bold yellow letters were the words: "HERMOSILLO SEED BANK". But it had changed: The large metal doors have been ripped open, the words were almost left blank, graffiti was everywhere. But the fact that the doors were open worried me the most. I felt I was too late. But I wasn't gonna go back with nothing.

I loaded the AK and started moving. My steps made a wide echo as I walked on, the large metal ceiling had evidence of bird nests, and the occasional soft sound of a pigeon flying about. I looked everywhere, and it seems that, contrary to what I thought, the place was indeed ransacked. I looked around, and found very little seeds, but this would do: Mostly beans, corn, squash, bit of tomatoes, and to my luck, sweet oranges. While looking for seeds, you have see if they're organic, if not, it's a good chance the fruit won't have seeds, and that means a one shot investment. The upside is, they're tougher.

I was gonna leave from the same place I entered, until I heard the rumbling sound of a machine, slowly making it's way. I could hear the screeching of wrecked steel moving, and some people talking in English. I quickly hid, and waited. I saw a group of men, all with military gear, but they didn't look like soldiers, then I saw a tank. Big one, with desert cammo painted all over. Over it, there was a small white flag with a snake and the words "DON'T TREAD ON ME" writen below the coiled snake in black bold letters. I had no idea who these men were, but I wasn't gonna plan on asking. However, they did got inside the building, so I needed to move quietly.

I sneaked past them, and left the building. Once I was far enough, I started to run, hoping they would not notice the single guy darting the street.

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