miércoles, 20 de octubre de 2010


Wounded, angry, and tied up is no way to survive in a post-apocalyptic wasteland.

But that was my situation. It was night, and they held me tight and well watched. Most of my wounds were treated, though. I could only hear the calm burning of wood in a fire, the small talk of some of the men, and crickets. My dogs, my faithful beagles, were locked in a makeshift cage, close to me. They waggled their little tales at the sight of me waking up, but they did mournful whimpers, instead of the joyful pants and dog smiles.

Lisa was dead. And Karen was nowhere to be seen. I feared for the worst.

One of the guys stood in front of me, with a metal coffee mug and what seemed to be military rations. He wolfed it down and took big gulps as he looked at me. I simply stared, why I was testing the ropes, so how well the knots were tied.

He said, in english, that it was "that bitch's fault" of what happened, that they would've only kicked us out of this place. He sat down, and looked at my hands. I kept myself still. He made a quick laughed and assured me that the noose was well made.

Another man came in, and said that it was "his turn". The guy stood up, looked at me and told me that "she's now the official hooker". I waited for all of them to sleep. I finally was able to slip away from the knot, and took a knife that was in the table.

No one survived that night.

I remember little, but I do remember my breathing, the slowly moving towards the men, the sudden gushing sound of the blood pouring out as the knife cleaved in. The sudden muffled screams. The one thing I do remember was Karen, though. She was tied and naked on one of the rooms. She was beaten up, bruises all over her face, her blonde hair all messed up. I was angry, angry at them. At myself.

She cried, and said my name in a whisper. I came with her and hugged her. She hugged me back and cried longer. She dressed, but, about the time we were in the room, gathering stuff, she took a gun, and.

I can't write anymore about this. I just can't. I'm crying as I type this.

God, why? Had I not.

I'll finish later

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